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Albatros Club Hotel

Reviews about Albatros Mykonos Hotel
Rated 5.00 out of 5.0 based on 54 ratings
Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on September 1, 2010
From: Austria

Super nice hotel, always again!
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

The hotel was absolutely great, so well presented. Extremely nice area with a lot of flowers and many footpaths. One of the nicest hotels for me personally. The owners (2 brothers) have built everything himself! My respect ..... The area was really very very nice and designed with love. Everything was very clean.

Location: The hotel is rather isolated which was not a problem for us at all because we are in Greece always mopeds or rent quads and therefore everywhere. Furthermore, all of the saying a shuttle service with the bus. € 2 , - each way.

Service: The staff was extremely friendly, funny and always very hard. The rooms were always cleaned well.

Gastronomy: The food in the restaurant was very nice. Although only booked breakfast but have had about three times in the hotel in the evening meal the price/performance ratio matched.

Sport & Entertainment: There was no sport and entertainment available but we never use anyway. The pool was really very, very nice and well kept. I can't say enough about the complex is a dream. The beach in front of the hotel is really nice and clean. There is but if you have a bit with the mopeds drove very nice beaches especially the nearest beach (from the hotel beach) we loved it. Beach chairs are in these beaches but not to find. Also no umbrellas. You more on other beaches.

Room: The rooms are very simple design I would say in typical Greek style and thus we liked it a lot. The bed and deliver the bedside tables are walled looks nice. Air conditioning in the room. It was always kept clean. It also had a fridge in the room.

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on September 1, 2010
From: Austria

Relaxing holiday
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Hotel: A extremely quiet neatly arranged area, far from any action. Well-kept family run hotel with good kitchen and friendly staff.

Location: Located on a beautiful Natursandstrand, with the hotel shuttle bus fairly mobile in the city, where everyone Art shopping and entertainment possibilities.

Service: Staff, as well as the management is extremely nice and accommodating. It is both German and English spoken.

Gastronomy: We had booked half-board. 3 course menu was offered in every way and was ok. alternatives from the Show were possible.

Sport & Entertainment: Pool is adequate. Sport we didn't need it. Beach is nice, the quality of the water was very good.

Room: Rooms are in their own individual style but comfortable. decorated. Balcony or terrace with a view over the sea Sportoffer etc one available.

Tips and recommendations: Desk with car are cheaper than from the travel agent.

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on August 15, 2010
From: Belgique, Esneux

Hotel familial dans un environnement PARADISIAQUE
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Nous avons passé une semaine dans cet hôtel accueillant et familial (tenu par 2 frères) situé dans une baie encore préservée du tourisme de masse.
Chambre rustique et propre avec terrasse donnant une vue imprenable sur la baie.
Petit-déjeuner buffet correct, sans plus, mais possibilité de commander d'autres mets (en supplément).
Restaurant servant une cuisine grecque traditionnelle excellente.
Piscine très agréable surtout après une journée passée à la superbe plage de Panormos : pas de transats mais 2 "beach-clubs" trendys à une des extrémités de la plage (on les voit très peu de l'hôtel).
Multiples navettes gratuites vers le centre-ville au cours de la journée.
Nous avons passé un séjour formidable dans un endroit qui n'a rien à envier aux Caraïbes.

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on August 1, 2010
From: Germany

Relax and beach holiday of the best!
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Hotel: The Albatros Hotel is a large very well maintained complex, where you immediately notice over here everything was just right, from the warm welcome that always hospitable service and don't forget the 24 service from the staff. A hotel in family-run - this one noticed immediately. Every day the small but functional rooms were cleaned everyday, fresh towels, too. There were two of us and we had booked breakfast and dinner a la carte dinner. The meals are all tasty and was delicious freshly prepared. If you are looking for party, however out - is a place to relax and just relax. If you are looking for party's best to Mykonos town (for 2 euros with the hotel shuttle) or book a hotel at the Paradise or Paranga Beach.

Location: The hotel is situated in the north of the island on the beautiful sandy Panormos. There is another hotel area, otherwise only 3 taverns only open until mid-September. The beach wasn't more than 100 meters, walk easily accessible. Trips could be booked with the tour operators, hassle-book cost between 30 and 60 euro, depending on what you want to do. Whether have informatio n, Mykonosrundfahrt or jeep safari - it is what you get. Shopping and shopping at the best in Mykonos town - just gorgeous to stroll through the alleys - but careful - there was always a lot going on, it takes patience: -)

Service: The service and the friendly service are very good indeed. Every request or request is always tried to fulfill to the utmost satisfaction, we had no complaints at all. The staff spoke understandable English but also German - somehow you can always talk, just talking drauflos - the Greeks understand a very good. Whether reception, service, maid service, chef and the chef - all of whom are great hospitality - you feel like you are at home.

Gastronomy: Although we had only booked breakfast, but up for the day, it was enough. We always a la carte dinner in the hotel on the terrace - alone the view of the beach is priceless and each steak or Salatgericht taste the same twice as good. All dishes freshly prepared - and if you have chosen half-board, is also on the grounds. We stayed at the average per food with drinks per person about 15 Euros for the quality and service fully in order, one couldn't forget, Mykonos is very expensive - you have to pay for everything - especially the beaches (beer 5 euros upwards or cocktail your preferite) You should take plenty of nuts with pocket money: -)

Sport & Entertainment: Since we only booked one week - was more to a lot of the time round the pool and at the beach and less sporty activities. Entertainment and annoying no entertainment, anyone who wanted to exercise and surfing should go to the south-east coast. The water quality at the beach and the hotel pool was very good, pleasant 24° - simply to relax, the Mediterranean was very clean and crystal clear and fresh. We had sunshine and around 28 euros for 7 days for an/29Grad and prices were very fresh. It is recommended that sun protection at least from LSF20 higher and, where appropriate. There are enough beach chairs at the pool, the beach at the best take a mat.

Room: The rooms are functional but not luxury, but you spend most of the time outside at the pool, at the beach or is on its way. TV is on site - you can at least ZDF look. Air conditioning without problems, toilet and shower clean, fresh towels every day - and the small rooms in the typical white/blue Mykonosfarbgebung make the one or the other small crack in the wall bearable. There is also a safe-deposit box - free built in the closet.

Tips and recommendations: The hotel is 100 % recommend - whether service, location, staff, food, cleanliness - just all very good and you know - a family-run hotel and no mass processing - here is the guest really was still a king and treated, such as!! Just great - without being overbearing. If you sun, nice sea, beach holiday and calmness and looking for Beisinnlichkeit - makes nothing wrong with the Albatros - the price performance ratio was right, but like I said, Mykonos is the most expensive Kuramanthi was - it shows very fast, so don't forget pocket money. Will be booking again next year - the holiday was gorgeous, only unfortunately as often much too short and quickly.

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on August 1, 2010
From: Switzerland

Our experience in Mykonos - a great holiday!
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

We look out over a great experience at a hotel that we will always remember. Everything was so smooth, from the check out to the way back. The hotel "Albatros" from our point of view is highly recommended. Great area in very good condition. Our accommodation (double) was very well maintained and fully equipped. The room was very romantic, as the walls with natural stones were built. Also, the little "Shower grotto" in the bathroom/toilet was very sweet. From our terrace we had a great view over the sea and the large sandy beach ( reservation with sea view worth it! ). The hotel is situated slightly increase in the bay with an amazing view. Unfortunately, there were in immediate area, no an Olde-Worlde ( mini market etc. ). If you want to make purchases in Mykonos town, which is about 6 km away ...

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