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Albatros Club Hotel

Reviews about Albatros Mykonos Hotel
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Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on July 1, 2010
From: Germany

Gutes Hotel in sensationeller Lage
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Wir haben das Hotel für 3 Nächte in unserem Kykladenurlaub gebucht. Es handelt sich um ein kleines, familiär geführtes Hotel.
Man kann sich auf der sauberen Anlage wohlfühlen. Durch die griechische Krise 2010 war eine überschaubare Anzahl an internationalen Gästen vertreten.

Location: Für Menschen, die im Urlaub maximale Entspannung suchen, ist die Lage perfekt. Das Hotel befindet sich auf der nicht so touristischen Seite der Insel in einer Bucht. Der Ausblick vom Hotel auf das Meer und den Strand ist sensationell. Der Strand ist feinsandig und sauber. Die Strandbar besitzt Strandkörbe/ Kissen und Liegen, die allerdings nur benutzt werden dürfen, wenn man auch etwas bestellt. Wir haben uns vormittags im Sand- Sandstrahlen lassen und sind über Mittag in den Schatten am Pool gehuscht.

Das Personal ist hilfsbereit und spricht teilweise sogar deutsch. Wir haben für den Strand einen Schirm und Matten bekommen, das war allerdings bei dem starken Wind recht uneffektiv.
Es wird ein Shuttel Service nach Mykonos Stadt angeboten (mehrmals am Tag, für einen geringen Unkostenbeitrag). Den haben wir jeden Abend genutzt, um in Mykonos Stadt Abendbrot zu essen.

Gastronomy: Das Frühstück war gut. Es hat sogar der Kaffee geschmeckt. Man startet mit einem großartigen Ausblick von der Terasse auf die Bucht.

Sport & Entertainment: Der Pool ist klein, aber sehr sauber. Zum Abkühlen und Planschen ausreichend. Wir haben über die Mittagszeit immer eine Liege und einen Schirm bekommen.

Room: Die Zimmer sind zweckmäßig. Da wir uns nicht viel im Zimmer aufhalten, achten wir lediglich auf Sauberkeit. Die war gegeben. Die Kochniesche haben wir nicht genutzt. Das Badezimmer war klein, die in "Stein gehauene" Dusche dafür um so größer.

Tips and recommendations: Wenn ein etwas längerer Aufenthalt auf Mykonos geplant ist, dann ist ein Mietwagen ratsam. Uns hat bei den 4Tagen der Shuttle Service ausgereicht.

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on June 1, 2010
From: Germany

review of a travel agent
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Hotel: As seasoned Griechenlandliebhaber we chose this small hotel very much aware: owner managed, quiet location on the beach and only with breakfast. The location on the hill, beautifully landscaped, flourishing and well maintained is really fantastic. The mix of customers we found was very pleasant: German, Italian and French. Everything was just as we thought it would be and we spent a wonderful holiday in Greece. After 2 weeks, we felt like they have much longer.

Location: It is only about 15 minutes from the airport about narrow streets to the hotel. Soak up the next town with shopping possibilities, etc. Mykonos town is actually in the southern or Ano Mera in the north. To get to "MykoTown" we used the already vaunted super shuttle service from the hotel. The beautiful beach is just a few steps away. A bit annoying we found the first beach taverna. We know enjoyed there were mainly Italian, but if you need some meters away from, ended "beach service' and you can always find a quiet spot, where you can enjoy sun, beach and ocean. Some days you have to be quite windresistent, because the meltemi blew in this bay (as North) was bitterly. If you don't like that, stops at the pool. The quality of the water was 1A (not only here, but on all beaches that we visited). We missed here no beach promenade, tavernas or supermarkets!

Service: The service and many things were already almost everything. The whole team, reception, gastronomy, kitchen, housekeeping ... Was always friendly and always had a few words, a smile and a Kalimera for all the guests. Here you can experience Greek hospitality, although carola a swedish and Claudia a Swiss citizen. This means there is German than Staff spoke represented and you always care about the guests.

Gastronomy: We booked breakfast, d. We knew that the in Greece easier than in other countries by German booked. Every day there were cheese, sausage, fresh fruit (melon, plums, Apricots) and vegetables (cucumber, tomatoes, peppers), breads, cereals, the delicious Greek yogurt and honey and milk from its own production. The coffee was ok, even real creamers. Continue to a wide selection of teas, juices and every day freshly baked cake (hmm). Our opinion so all the stuff you need to get a good start to the day. Some days we also enjoyed the dinner a la carte at the hotel. Good value for money here and the quality was always great. There is a good selection of Greek specialities, seafood or old-fashioned (pizza, steak, etc. ). Everything was fresh and quantity was almost impossible. The food was's house wine ( 500ml = 5 .50€) and 1 liter water (€1.50 ). These rates we found cheap, as we met other on the island. We enjoyed breakfast & dinner, ended because of the fantastic views from the terrace.

Room: The rooms are very rustic, but comfortable. Apparently we had an even non-renovated (303 ). But that was insignificant. The air conditioning worked well and was very quiet. The fridge was annoying at night so we moved just the plug. TV was ok, only ZDF, but anyway we wanted only from and to a World Cup football game. The hotel's brick beds had a very good sleeping quaity. The Schrankteil suited our needs for hanging clothes, but there were not enough storage space, so just in a part of bags - no problem! adapter for mobile phone, hair dryer ... Was not necessary. The large bathroom with brick shower is convenient, it is the drain had so its problems. Towels & linens were changed regularly, the everything was fine. The room was cleaned only superficially (despite tips). It was fine for us, but not quite fit the rest of call/service of the hotel. The balcony made up for this small drawback. Also great view from here again on the opposite side of the bay; at night moon images on the sea; red wine and the music from the Nachbartaverne Greek romantic good as it gets.

Tips and recommendations: We wanted to 14 days holiday at the beach and relaxation. Here we got everything. For a change we took a trip to Delos island, organized ourselves. Easy with the shuttle to MykoTown to the old port ticket for's Delos boat (15 euros p.. P. p. ) buy Greek history, over and explore for yourself. Mykonos town is surely the only major cultural highlight of the island. Cute little alleys invite you to stroll a, eat in small Venice - 2 times there was enough for us, as there will be a "CRUSADERS" unloaded, then it's 24 and with the charming flair was finished. Otherwise, it is recommended from and to be mobile. We rented through Motospeed 5 days a quad (between 19 and 25 Euro per day incl. Shuttle service from/to the hotel - everything worked fine). Helmet is appropriate! We are several beaches. Great we found Kapari beach (small, but nice), fokos Beach (delicious tavern) and Agia Anna Kalafati (as we splurged out time beach service (2 chairs and sunshade = 12 €). General to prices in the tavernas on the island: for 2 persons, we incl. Starter, main course, wine and water always between 45 . - and 60 . - Euros. The most expensive we found the beaches Lia and Elia and of course Mykonos town.

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on June 1, 2010
From: Germany

Good food - Absolute peace - Nice views
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Home: The 29 rooms are in one-story cottage with terrace/balcony divided into a sea view, all in the bay. The garden area was with palm trees, eucalyptus, vines and surrounded by olive trees. In between the colorful flowers are in bloom mauve and bougainvillea. The guests were very mixed. Mainly French; Swiss and German but also a few Belgians, Italian and an American family. The buffet breakfast is adequate stocked - Homemade quark and cow's milk - daily fresh cakes are a bonus of the house. Fresh fruit and scrambled eggs/warm sausages to change daily basis.

Location: The hotel was located in a bay (without a view of the wide sea Panormos) on the beach. As the road ends at the hotel, there is no through traffic. The transfer to the airport only took about 20 minutes. The planes taking off turn right after the launch to northwest from and skim through the capital Chora. As the hotel is located north of the airport behind a 1658 , startgeräusche, are the only occasionally to hear very feeble and thus no problem. Also as the bay of ships at a protected anchorage ground offers, you don't see rarely yachts in the all different sizes. By the beach there was two bar's, the willing to wealthy "better" be visited. In two weeks we could two helicopters land next to the bar.

Service: The hotel is run by two brothers, mostly only speak English. In the catering service are two ladies one -the SWEDE and Swedish/greek/English and a little German. Claudia the second of the ladies is a Swiss player, the Greek/English and German. The lobby is in katharina hand - it is -Greek and spoke English and German. All are very friendly, funny and helpful. The rooms are cleaned daily, towels were changed daily and the beds changed every two days. It is possible to rent umbrellas in the lobby. What a good service you have to mention the shuttle service into town. The bus drove there several times a day into Chora (capital city) and will take you back. Cost per person one way the then 2, -€ (a rental car is more expensive, and a public transit to is not available)

Gastronomy: The chef is Indians! And cooks great Greek! We had half board and were absolutely not disappointed. There were always 3-4 courses for example: lamb chops, swordfish, rabbits, beef, steak, meatballs, Pastitio, Moussaka, homemade ice cream and in the 14 days we had only a dessert twice. The quantity is adequate - we had problems at night everything even 8.95, if we had lunch snacks. The guests that do half-board, ate often in the hotel as it was cheaper than in the city. A beer costs 2.80 euros; coke/Sprite 1.80 Euros; cappuccino 3.00 Euros; water 1.5 liter 1,80 Eur ; house wine 0,5 liter 5.50 €. The bread for food served 0.60 euros per person per night . (In town a beer 4,00 Eur and the bread with a Dippsoße was for two persons with 4.00 Euros will be charged.

Sport & Entertainment: The pool is not too small, and the water was nice view of the bay. At the pool there were showers before entering the you use. Umbrellas and beach chairs are free. The beach begins just a few meters below the hotel. Here you can also right next to the fishing boats go for a swim, and after a few swimming strokes greeted right of small fish. The wide sandy beach, each should bar's behind. The water is very clean and for a natural beach is relatively few Debris removed washed ashore. "Lake bite" to be a about 0.5 to 1 meter gravel strip cross without shoes, but is possible without a problem. You can get to the beach the sun completely exposed, as official umbrellas and beach chairs are rented out. At the bar's you can drink it but umbrellas available. On the Sunday is the beach would be more crowded, there are a lot of Greek for swimming.

Room: The rooms are different qualities. Some have Bricked drawers underneath and bedside tables. Some of the rooms are equipped with half-tester or wood furniture. Our room also had a sink. Each room has an empty fridge and a TV (the only German-speaking channel program is ZDF). The showers are walled with tiled floors. The air conditioning worked well and is very quiet. screens were available, but sadly a window forget. For the mosquitoes in our room was an electric vaporiser - Nachfüllplättchen are available free of charge at the front desk. The safe in the room is free.

Tips and recommendations: We stayed in the lobby a rental car for 3 days. Per day, 30 euro for the risk we again 5.00 euros per day seat before sitting in it. If you want to get the car longer a discount. At this time, in Chora on the construction of the new ferry port nor parking facilities are free of charge. Otherwise you pay for parking between 6.00 to 12,00 euro!!!

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on October 1, 2009
From: Germany

Quiet hotel with a fantastic location
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Hotel: A small but nice hotel on the north coast of Mykonos The guest structure was mixed: German, Swiss, British all age groups, but especially couples without children

Location: The proximity to the beautiful bay (2 min. walk), as is the short transfer time from the airport to the hotel (about 20 minutes) are absolutely Pros about this hotel. Excursions through the travel agency can be booked in the hotel (e.g. B. A tour to the various beaches) Unfortunately end of September/beginning of October was nothing to do in the area, in the high season but it seems next to the hotel's restaurant 2 - 3 beach bars/tavernas admit but they were with the hotel shuttle for 1.50 euros (return! ) Short drive Mykonos town, where there was plenty of entertainment

Service: The staff had good German and English and was always super friendly. As for example. A chair on our balcony was broken replaced in a short time. Also a small addressing me at the bar was no one point and one night we even with one of the owners were awarded CHING together. We really felt very well cared for.

Gastronomy: The breakfast was for Greek standards almost extensive: cheese, sausage, butter, curd cheese, honey, nutella, jam, various sorts of bread, all 2 days at the change croissants or scrambled eggs 2 juices, milk, cereal, cereal and of course coffee or tea. The menu was not fancy or especially long, but everything was delicious and fresh. I am usually picky about the food and especially the meat it, but it was always on the point. The rates are very reasonable and the portions of well.

Sport & Entertainment: The pool area is not large but well maintained. There were enough pool chairs available. Sport and entertainment the hotel itself. It was an oasis of calm. Whoever wanted more entertainment, you could want to as described above tours booked through the travel agency or to Mykonos town

Room: From the "Ikea-flair", the Lord described above, we didn't notice a thing. On the contrary: rooms are simple, but beautifully decorated. The shower in our room was for example, with small mosaic tiled. The room was clean, and even a free safe in the room was available.

Tips and recommendations: One should definitely for a few days We were within driving a vehicle to be rented to explore the island on your own. In July/August should be the beach was busy, if you want to peace deviated on the low season from

Porto Angeli Beach Resort Hotel

By , written on October 1, 2009
From: Germany

Super relaxing and relaxing!
Rating: 5.0 / 5.0

Hotel: The hotel Albatros is beautiful on the hillside above the Panormos bay. The only other hotel with Panormos Village, closed right next door to the hotel area but was closed, because the off-peak season has started. Every room provides a fantastic view of the ocean. We even had the possibility, two rooms out as unfortunately on the first of the drain was clogged overnight. The rooms are pretty small bungalows in three rows were bumping into each other with a lovely garden area in between - palm trees, blossoming bushes etc. Each room has a small terrace or balcony, where one could sit very comfortably. The rooms are simple, but nicely furnished. You shouldn't expect to get just on a Luxuseinrichtung. The hotel Albatros has three and four or five star: -) We found the room decor nice and functional, since we don't spend the whole day inside your room, we have no luxury needed. Convenient was definitely the fridge. The cleaning lady came every day and daily fresh towels. Very enjoyable We found the pool area. As the pool and sun loungers with a fantastic view of the ocean.

Location: As already mentioned above, the hotel Albatros above the Panormos bay, where you can get nice swimming and snorkeling, since the water was very clear. We enjoyed it very much that the two beach bars in the bay and the second hotel were already closed for the season. The beach had almost nothing to do so and you could it easy to relax and unwind. But if you want more action, should not be in the low season (September/October) arriving by apart from the hotel restaurant, because there are no other change. We have found it however as great chilled and would go back again in the low season.

Service: The service was extremely friendly and we were always nice and friendly service. The staff spoke German and English and was very helpful.

Gastronomy: The hotel has a restaurant. Contrary to other reviews, we found the food, especially the Greek appetites, very good. It is simple cuisine. You are not allowed but when a three star hotel it no "haute cuisine" ; -) We enjoyed it anyway. The menu is the typical needs of vacationers restated d. H. there is next to the delicious Greek dishes as well as pizza and pasta ... In the restaurant you can pay immediately or the bill with the room number. In the latter case you sign then just a bill and stays on the last day everything together.

Sport & Entertainment: Fortunately, there were no entertainment and the pool bar wasn't use as it was post season. At the pool we had always find a free deck chair and there was no one morning the "reserved" room. The pool area has several shade - Pergola and nice Bastschirme-, and a covered shower.

Room: So around 20 rooms. See description above: -)

Tips and recommendations: Since the hotel is out of the way, we recommend to other exploring beautiful beaches on the island, a rental car to rent for 2 days. Cost about 35 Euro per day. The family of hoteliers departs every day several times by minibus to Mykonos town (3 Euro for return). So if you don't rent cars can also so do your shopping. In the Panormos bay there are no shopping possibilities.

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